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Breakthrough technology for real-time monitoring of the metabolic state of the patient and as a novel endpoint of resuscitation

Critisense's first generation product - the "CritiView" is an innovative patient monitoring system providing real-time continuous information via four physiological parameters, sensed at the tissue level, reflecting the systemic metabolic state.

CritiView is the only device providing continuous, real-time multi-parametric physiological data at the tissue and cellular level, by monitoring the mitochondrial function and the microcirculatory blood flow and oxygen saturation.

CritiView is an adjunctive monitor which provides:

a.  Early identification/warning of the body’s critical metabolic imbalances or tissue viability of a patient.
b.  End point of resuscitation.

These early warning changes are in advance of current critical care monitors capabilities to detect physiological changes at the tissue level.
Thus allowing the clinician to make more refined corrective medical actions.

To become the market leader in monitoring the metabolic
state of the patient in critical care settings, by continuous,
real-time direct assessment of tissue Viability
using "CritiView" as a diagnostic tool.

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