Clinical Applications
CritiView is a adjunctive bedside patient monitoring device to be applied in intensive care, operating suits and emergency care settings, providing:

a. Early identification / warning of the body’s critical metabolic imbalances or tissue viability of a patient;
b. A sensitive tissue based therapy titration monitor and as end point of resuscitation.

Critically ill patients in variety of disease entities such as sepsis, develop during the course of their illnesses episodes of shock or a relative reduction in oxygen delivery to various organs. The assessment of degree of perfusion and adequacy of oxygen delivery to tissues and organs is critical for the management of the patient and in the evaluation of the patients' status, prognosis and response to treatment

CritiView allows a non-invasive assessment in non-vital tissue of the metabolic activity and the energy state of the mitochondria, as well as information regarding the microcirculation. This real-time information enables the physician to evaluate whether the patient is in shock, whether the shock state is worsening and what is the effectiveness of the response to therapy with fluids or drugs. CritiView will provide useful, sensitive and specific information on the metabolic status of the patient, adding significant information to current procedures and improving the state-of-the-art in patient monitoring in critical care.

The CritiView tissue viability monitoring systems consist of a disposable urethral wall probe integrated into a Foley urinary catheter and a free-standing base unit containing light sources, signal detectors, processing units and a display.

Oxygen Gradient from Air to Mitochondria &
Monitoring Parameters / Modalities





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